Radiation in Veterans – The Harmful Effects

Radiation in veterans can be acquired when they have served time doing active duty to protect the peace. The first thing to combating its harmful effects is to know what had caused it.

How does high levels of radiation cause harmful effects in health?

When radioactive materials that decay will produce what is called ionizing radiation. This will contain a sufficient level of energy to strip electrons into atoms. Thus, the cells inside the body may either have a tough time to repair itself or won’t be repaired at all.

What are the harmful effects caused by this radiation?

There are short-term and long-term effects brought about high levels of radiation in veterans.

Long-term effects include a person obtaining cancer. This is, by far, the primary health side effect of high level exposure of radiation.

Cancer is the illness wherein there is an uncontrolled growth of cells within parts of the body. The sickness also control the natural process in which the cells repair and replace damaged tissue. Disrupting the natural order in which these cells regenerate promote the uncontrolled growth of cancer. This is why high levels of radiation will have the ability to break the chemical bonds located in atoms and molecules, and why it makes such a potent carcinogen.

Short-term health effects are more acute. This can include skin burns and illnesses caused by radiation. Some sicknesses include a sudden state of weakness, some hair loss, nausea, or even diminished organ system functions.

Veterans who are starting to notice the symptoms of these illnesses should first stay calm and seek medical attention. If anxiety may occur, Suntheanine L-THEANINE may be a proper solution. It will help ease the mind of stress and is a great help against anxiety attacks. Keeping the mind stress-free is the first step to fighting against the harmful effects of high levels of radiation. This will allow veterans to think clearly and know the next course of action to take.

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