Radiation in Veterans: A Risk to Your Health

Exposure to radiation puts your life at risk. When in service to the Armed Forces of the United States, you cannot escape the truth that it is part of your duty to be on the field, despite the threats of radiation. This is why the government is supporting the veterans to cope with the effects of these deadly rays.

How Radiation Could Damage Your Health

radiationAccording to the experts, it is unknown yet on how much damage this radiation can cause to a person exposed to it. It can vary because each person has a different response to the effects of radiation. However, biologists highlight the fact that strong rays could damage your health into the cellular level. This could alter your genetic make-up, causing some major mutations and give rise to deadly diseases. Sadly this is often not to yourself, but to your offspring of the next generations.

Once you feel ill after being exposed to high level of radiation in the field, like vomiting, diarrhea or any other abnormal feeling inside, make sure to consult medical help right away. This is to eliminate at least the symptoms of damages, as preventive measures to what could this radiation can do to your overall health condition. The diseases may not be contagious because it would just boil within you, but the effects of this to your family would be intense.

If your military base is located near a nuclear plant, this could undeniably expose you to high levels of radiation. Actually, after exposure, some people would not feel any strange feeling inside, but after days and weeks, these radioactive particles would start to give you signs and symptoms like redness or swelling, lethargy, dehydration and a lot more.

What Government Has to Do with Radiation Cases

If you have been a victim of harmful radiation during your service, you are qualified to get health benefits. By going to any Veteran’s Affairs office, you will be assisted on the other health benefits you can obtain, given that you could submit all the necessary documents in your application.

Many non-government programs can also give you help, especially boosting your immunity. This could make your body not susceptible to any other elements of disease as you are undergoing the therapies for radiation effects.

Most programs would recommend you to take L Theanine Suntheanine, because this dietary supplement could grant you an alert mind, trying to make you feel relaxed as you undergo different laboratory examinations.

The medical experts would try to eliminate the effects of radiation exposure by excreting some of the radioactive particles within you. If you will not take any action for this condition, those particles would slowly consume you and this could be tragic to your health.

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